NU-RAY METALS OFFERS FOUR TIME-TESTED, FIELD-PROVEN PAINT SYSTEMS, at least one of which is ideal for any given building application, architectural specification and budget.

The illustration below shows that our three best coatings are truly systems designed to provide strength and elegance to protect and enhance your home for decades. Because steel by itself will rust, we have all of our steel-based products coated with Tru-Zinc G-90 galvanizing at the steel mill to prevent rust.

Finally, the finish coat is applied, starting with a chemical treatment and primer coat to assure an enduring bond for the finish coat.


THE FOUR paint systems:

26 Gauge D2 Kynar 500® applied over galvanized G-90 base steel results in the perfect roofing panel for residential and commercial applications. Developed by PPG, D2 Kynar 500 incorporates reflective pigments (known as ULTRA-Cool) that provide superb solar reflectivity for a more comfortable home and lower energy bills.

24 Gauge D2 Kynar 500 with Ocean Guard ULTRA-Cool panels are engineered to perform in the harshest environments. AZ50 Zincalume base steel is coated in extra-thick high-build primer and finished with PPG’s D2 Kynar 500 enables us to offer a standard 40-year finish warranty and a 15-year warranty for our proprietary Ocean Guard products.

24/26 Gauge Zincalume Plus panels, coated with a clear odorless resin, enable our customers to get the appearance of an unpainted metal roof that is protected by a 20-year finish warranty.

24/22 Gauge Standard Kynar 500 ULTRA-Cool panels provide the excellent solar reflectivity of ULTRA-Cool reflective pigments—the same used in our top-of-the-line finishes—for customers in more temperate environments. 

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