Nu-Ray metal TECHNICAL specification sheets

NRM Technical Specification Sheets provide all the information you will need to select the right panel profile, gauge (thickness) and style for your home. In PDF format, these sheets can be downloaded and printed or emailed, for your architect and installing contractor to use.

CLICK the links below to open and/or download the Technical Specification Sheet PDF you want. Note: the preferences you have set for your browser will determine whether the PDF opens in a new browser window/tab, or downloads automatically when the link is clicked. If the PDF opens in your browser, it can be downloaded using the browser plug-in menu at the top of the PDF.

Traditional narrow rib design; 1½˝ rib height

Combination continuous snap-lock and floating clip design; 1¾˝ rib height

Mechanically-seamed panel ideal for low slope roofs; 1½˝ rib height

Classic snap-lock design in 12˝ (5000) and 16˝ (6000) widths; 1˝ rib height

Industrial 7.2 rib panel; 1½˝ rib height